STOP THE PRESSES: Spiderman lost at airport

Posted 15.08.2016 in Uncategorized by Marcus Björk

No, this isn’t a promotion of the latest Avengers movie. Spiderman was actually lost at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport today August 15th.

Since we all are caught up in the web, one way or another, I thought that I’d See if and how fast the owner can be found.

I found spider man in a transfer bus at roughly 21.35 EET in Helsinki-Vantaa airport today. Social media, can you do your magic?

Bets anyone?

Written by Marcus Björk

Marcus is a problem solving economics freak with a past in Capital Markets systems. Seeking to solve the big picture from a Project Management view with a hands on understanding of the logic and framework of the tasks at hand.

Constant development, constant improvement. Think it, Tune it, Do it!

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