PCI DSS Cake (89904 hrs later)!

Posted 08.08.2016 in Uncategorized by Marcus Björk


The PCI Guy – that sums me pretty much up for the past years acting as a PCI DSS Compliance Officer at Crosskey Banking Solutions

Today Crosskey got the AOC signed (yet again) and there is a feeling of pride (and relief) to reach the goal year after year. It never gets boring. A lot of hard work lies behind this certification and I want to thank all of my co-workers for making this possible: You Rock!

It felt fitting to have “PCI cake” at the Office today. Not only for the obvious PCI reasons but also for me on a personal level. I started my Journey with Crosskey at the 8th of May 2006. Now, 10 years later, it is time for me to move on. I have had a blast, learnt a heap and I really will miss you guys at Crosskey.

Today we eat cake, tomorrow I take on new consulting endeavours with Deductive Labs.

Written by Marcus Björk

Marcus is a problem solving economics freak with a past in Capital Markets systems. Seeking to solve the big picture from a Project Management view with a hands on understanding of the logic and framework of the tasks at hand.

Constant development, constant improvement. Think it, Tune it, Do it!

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