Entrant simplifies your visitor management with a pleasant and welcoming presentation. The system handles both planned and spontaneous visits and even groups.

The host ‚Äč‚Äčeasily sends out meeting invitations with meeting information, maps and photos. Upon arrival, a visitor’s badge is automatically printed at the same time as both visitors and host are notified by SMS.

The system is activated through a simple and fast implementation and requires no local installations. Standard hardware that is recommended is a standard tablet (iPad) for professional arrival registration as well as a badge printer.

Our clients are companies, organizations and authorities, as well as office hotels that want to provide their visitors a professional reception. Security requirements, control of visitors and office environments and, if necessary, automated reception are funktions that together builds the visitor’s first impression of the company.

Perfect reception for every visitor, every time.

Every detail and personal touch matters when greeting visitors. Without this, you leave your guests feeling uncomfortable, anonymous, and unimportant.

  • Invitation

    Sends an invitation to the visitors so that they have all the informationthey need.

  • Badge

    Prints handy name badges for your visitors.

  • SMS

    Sends a SMS reminder ahead of the meeting.

  • Notification

    Notifies the host that the visitor has arrived.

  • Reception

    Keeps the reception up-to-date about all visits taking place.

  • Statistics

    Provides statistics to provide a good overview.

  • Security

    Makes sure all visitors at the premise are registered.

  • Address book

    Maintains an address book with all previous visitors.

  • Wi-Fi

    Connects the visitor to your secure Wi-Fi system.