We are Deductive Labs

Deductive Labs Ab was founded in 2014 as a result of the concrete need for security related services on the market. Deductive Labs provides information IT security services and delivers effective solutions to companies and organizations.

Deductive Labs is a company in expansion, headquartered in Mariehamn in Finland and have offices in Vaasa (Finland) and Amsterdam. The company’s operations are divided into two specific areas: IT Security Services and Maritime Cyber Security Services.

Our Team

Kim Halavakoski


Kim is a hacker-minded, technology-geek that loves challenges. Having worked in the IT-industry for over a decade in ISP and large-scale financial networks configuring firewalls, networks, security technologies, log management/SIEM, automation, assessing risks and writing policies and governance processes.

Jakob Lundberg


Jakob is a tech focused system designer. With a background in network management, system administration and development he has an interest in the entire stack.

Always looking for new and improved solutions. Never accepting that things have to be complicated.