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Posted 04.02.2020 in Maritime Cyber Security, Security by Johan Sjölund

The Maritime business is facing huge challenges with managing Cyber Security in their environments. The maritime regulator, International Maritime Organization IMO, has updated their regulations and guidelines to include cyber risk management onboard ships mandatory as of 1 January 2021.

3-step cyber security project model

Deductive Labs offers you a three step standard process that is easy to follow and easy to budget.

STEP 1: Kickoff including awareness training, setting up organisation, goals and objectives

STEP 2: Current state analysis including self- assessments, interviews, document and technical analysis. Deductive Labs Assessment Tool is used throughout the process.

STEP 3: Implementation and project management in order to carry out recommended and prioritised activities.

Deductive Labs – Assessment Tool

Deductive Labs has developed a customised Cyber Security Assessment Tool including security standards ie. ISO 27001, IEC 62443, NIST Cybersecurity framework, and the Bimco guidelines. It is used as our main tool when carrying out a current state analysis.

A light version is also used for self-assessments that are beneficial as a first step activity to gather basic information but also for increasing awareness purposes.

>> Download service information and handout here (.pdf)

Written by Johan Sjölund

Johan is a driven economics artist with focus on processes and development. With background from IT business, entrepreneur and public sector, Johan has long experience from business development and project management both locally and internationally.

There is an opportunity in every difficulty.

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