Strategic partnership between Deductive Labs and Conosco

Posted 01.01.2018 in Company by Kim Halavakoski

We at Deductive Labs are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with IT consultancy company Conosco. This partnership enables our respective clients to benefit from the wide range of services offered by Deductive Labs and Conosco, ranging from security consultancy, security audits, IT support and IT services.

This opportunity enables both companies to extend their global reach and offer comprehensive IT and security services to our customers.

Conosco Security Division provides European businesses with a single point of ISO27001:2013-accredited contact through which to manage their complete security services requirement, including consultant-led engagements that can now be delivered by Deductive Labs.

Conosco clients referred to Deductive Labs will benefit from their consultants’ expertise to achieve delivery of security programmes such as PCI-DSS compliance, ISO 270001 compliance and specialised security and risk assessments. In turn, the technology strategy consultants and support experts at Conosco can be leveraged to remediate security vulnerabilities and technology gaps identified by Deductive Labs.

Deductive Lab’s co-founder, Kim Halavakoski, is a self-described “hacker-minded technology-geek”, who has worked in the IT industry for over a decade. He recognises that security concerns are becoming increasingly prevalent on boardroom agendas:

Most businesses are already late to the game, and with the advent of the GDPR and increasing use of cloud services, there is now an even greater focus on private security and the frameworks needing to support it. The use of cloud and automation drastically changes the provisioning of IT services – if utilised properly, these technologies provide new security capabilities that are not readily available through on-premise solutions; but if done poorly, using cloud services can become a huge security risk. This is an area where Deductive Labs helps and advises organisations to securely configure, deploy and manage workloads to the cloud.

Conosco Information Security Manager Hylton Stewart comments: “Working with the team at Deductive Labs allows Conosco to offer our clients an even broader selection of skills and capabilities as we continue to grow our security division. We now support Deductive Labs to provide a full-spectrum service to their existing client base through my team’s security remediation services. In this way, we remove the pain, burden and risk from one another’s clients who are facing complex cyber vulnerabilities.

Halavakoski concludes: “Businesses today are quickly recognising the need for full-scope security services that Deductive Labs and Conosco can now offer through our partnership.


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Written by Kim Halavakoski

Kim is a hacker-minded, technology-geek that loves challenges. Having worked in the IT-industry for over a decade in ISP and large-scale financial networks configuring firewalls, networks, security technologies, log management/SIEM, automation, assessing risks and writing policies and governance processes.

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