Deductive Labs in Athens 7 May 2019

Posted 11.04.2019 in Company, Maritime Cyber Security by Johan Sjölund

Happy to inform we will be present at the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum –
Athens, May 7. The event aims to provide perspective about where the real threats are in the maritime industry, and what to do about them.

As Lunch break sponsor in Athens, we will inform about our latest updates and will also be able to inform a bit about our assessment model and our Cyber Security Assessment tool.
In order to enhance processes, supply clients with proper information for strategy a priorities, Deductive Labs has developed an unique Cyber Security Assessment tool. The tool is based on established frameworks i.e. CSF NIST in combination with the maritime industry standards from Bimco. The tool can be used for a current state analysis but also as a base for establishing processes, security policies, guidelines as well as a central tool towards defined goals, ie. being prepared for the ISM Code January 2021.


Written by Johan Sjölund

Johan is a driven economics artist with focus on processes and development. With background from IT business, entrepreneur and public sector, Johan has long experience from business development and project management both locally and internationally.

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