Deductive Labs consulting services help customers with their technology, security and automation challenges. We can help you design a technology roadmap for your business growth and improve your security policies and risk-management processes.

Entrant - Visitor Management System

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Visitor registration, printing guest badges and being in control of your guests at all times have never been easier. Group and event management as well as a communication center for notifications and updates. A must for an organisation that strives for PCI-DSS Compliance.

Security Audit & Review

Security audits measure the organisation against applicable regulations and requirements. A security audit will review the policies, guidelines and processes that are implemented in order to establish how well the organisation complies with the applicable regulations. Conducting security audits are not only important, but also very effective in order to identify and mitigate any issues within your company’s policies, guidelines and procedures. Security audits are an effective way to measure compliance with regulatory requirements and identify and mitigate weaknesses in order to be better prepared against potential cyber threats.

Project Management & Advisory

Project management and advisory services help maritime organisations to establish IT governance framework, developing policies and processes and advising on people, processes and technologies. We help with security technology implementation projects, investment recommendations and advice, compliance planning and implementation(GDPR, PSD2, PCI-DSS, NIS) and general advisory about anything regarding security, privacy or compliance.

Security Assessment

Security assessments are in-depth technical reviews of an organization’s security posture, policies, processes and technology/systems Security assessments use the knowledge and expertise of the assessor to categorise and classify findings and identify improvements and recommendations based on industry best practices and standards. The output from a security audit is normally a prioritised list of recommendations and improvements to be implemented in order to be better prepared against cyber threats.

GAP Analysis

An Information security GAP analysis presents a comparison of the current state security posture compared to a desired target state based on the laws and regulations applicable to the organisation. The analysis will identify the organisation’s cyber security risks, advise where to focus the budget, and to prioritise projects and tasks that will raise the organisation’s cyber security. The GAP analysis recommendations will improve the level of cyber security maturity in the organisation.


Training and cyber security awareness is crucial to the whole organisation. Deductive Labs assists with training programs, seminars and workshops for the complete organisation – from management, administrators and developers to employees and contractors.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify vulnerabilities on your networks with our network scanning service. The service is provided by the Holm Security Vulnerability Management Platform(VMP) and identifies both host bases vulnerabilities as well as web-application vulnerabilities. The service can be used to scan your own on-prem environments as well as outsourced environments and cloud environments in order to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Log Management

Ensure that you have full operational visibility and insight to your environment by implementing our  log management solution. We help you plan, design and implement a log management solution for your environment. The solution can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, depending on the requirements and needs.



Deductive Labs, an experienced and specialised partner for cyber security.

We offer security assessment and penetration testing services in order find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your environment. Our project management and advisory services assist your organisation in maintaining information security and establish governance, risk and compliance procedures to ensure your organisation complies with national and maritime regulations. We assist with audits, provide knowledge and experience in your security programs and provide security project management and security awareness training services to help your organisation to be cyber aware.

We combine our security- and penetration testing methodologies with our 15+ years of security knowledge and experience. Penetration testing methodology based on industry best practices from PTES standard, OWASP Testing Guide. ISO27001, IEC 62443, NIST Cyber Security Framework as information Security frameworks.

Deductive Labs provides Project management in relation to eg. infrastructural investments, cloud strategies, GDPR and DPO services, automation and compliance.
Training and cyber security awareness is cruicial to the whole organisation and we assist with seminars and workshops as well as training for all levels from company management to the floor.

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