Visitor management

Make it easy to manage your visitors

First impressions last. Entrant is a visitor management system aimed to simplify your guest management. With Entrant you can combine the best of two worlds. The system is designed for making customer registration really easy and at the same time you tend to your security by knowing who is or who has been in your offices. Registering visitors, printing visitor badges and being in control of your guests at all times have never been easier.

Entrant is the gateway to your company. You want full control of that gate and an ability to see who has entered, where, when and why. With Entrant you serve your customers with information that you design and that the customers are sent prior to the meeting.

Most often security, marketing and design aren't combined into one package. We thought we'd change all that. We hope that you will like it.

Visitor Management System Entrant
Check in using Entrant

Helps you with PCI-DSS compliance

Entrant helps organisations to comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS :

9.4 Implement procedures to identify and authorize visitors. Procedures should include the following:

9.4.1 Visitors are authorized before entering, and escorted at all times within, areas where cardholder data is processed or maintained.

9.4.2 Visitors are identified and given a badge or other identification that expires and that visibly distinguishes the visitors from onsite personnel.

9.4.3 Visitors are asked to surrender the badge or identification before leaving the facility or at the date of expiration.

9.4.4 A visitor log is used to maintain a physical audit trail of visitor activity to the facility as well as computer rooms and data centers where cardholder data is stored or transmitted. Document the visitor’s name, the firm represented, and the onsite personnel authorizing physical access on the log. Retain this log for a minimum of three months, unless otherwise restricted by law.

With Entrant there requirements are easy to comply with and helps any organisation that strives to be PCI-DSS compliant!
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