AWS CloudFormation with Ansible

Combining AWS CloudFormation with Ansible

Infrastructure as code is currently a hot topic. It gives advantages such as faster deployment, better security and improved stability. By using AWS it becomes a lot easier to use infrastructure as code. You no longer have to be concerned about physical servers to deploy your stack. But there are still much complexity to handle […]

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Entrant Checkin Page

Visitor management – it is all about people, really

It is all about people, really!People, processes and systemsPhysical security is an important component for most companies. Usually some kind of perimeter security is used to prevent unauthorised persons to gain access to sensitive information, information that the company wants to protect. The core principles in a sound security strategy is to know what information […]

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1 PCI Cake

PCI DSS Cake (89904 hrs later)!

The PCI Guy – that sums me pretty much up for the past years acting as a PCI DSS Compliance Officer at Crosskey Banking Solutions Today Crosskey got the AOC signed (yet again) and there is a feeling of pride (and relief) to reach the goal year after year. It never gets boring. A lot of hard work lies behind […]

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11 Asynchronous JavaScript

Master Asynchronous JavaScript in a few simple steps

Introduction One of the powerful features of JavaScript is its asynchronous nature. And it is also one of the most difficult to master. But asynchronous JavaScript does not have to be hard. When programming for the web a lot of functions have to behave asynchronous. If not, our programs would frequently get blocked waiting for […]

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Are you DROWNing?

Today a new SSL attack was released named DROWN Attack. DROWN stands for Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption. You can read all the nasty details here DROWN Attack (CVE-2016-0800) To protect against DROWN, sysadmins need to disable the user of the obsolete and unsecure protocol SSLv2 on web servers, mail servers and any software that uses and supports SSL/TLS. […]

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