Visitor management – it is all about people, really

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It is all about people, really!

People, processes and systems

Physical security is an important component for most companies. Usually some kind of perimeter security is used to prevent unauthorised persons to gain access to sensitive information, information that the company wants to protect. The core principles in a sound security strategy is to know what information needs to be protected, where the information is, who has access to it and we also have to be reassured that only authorized personnel has access to the information.

We can state that it is a united action between people, process and system that enables this. Together they lay the foundation for the company’s physical security and information security. Everything is based on the company’s risk appetite and priorities.

First impressions

What first impressions do you want your visitors to experience? How is the meeting invitation designed? Is it possible for the visitor to check in at a self-service point at your office? How can you make the registration process as smooth as possible for your visitors and as easy as possible for yourself? You want a functional and systematic approach that enables logging all visits at your company so that you have full control.

Visitor management

Visitor management is apart of the "human element" and it is an important component for companies that want to handle their physical security successfully. It is all about people really. Who has visited us? Why did they visit us? When did their visit take place? These are a couple of questions that you need to answer if you want to know who has been in your office(s).

Entrant Checkin Page

Companies of different size have visitors and it is often the visitors and the visitor management that gets the least attention in the company’s security prioritization. Companies have usually some kind of access control system for their employees whilst there isn’t a system in place for the handling the persons they don’t know, their visitors.

If you effectively want to answer who has visited your company, when the visit took place, who hosted the meeting and why the meeting took place, you then need a centralized database. With a centralised database you are set to go and you can follow up the meetings at you company.

Entrant - the visitor management system

Entrant is a visitor management system and it is a solution that is designed to handle your flow of visitors. Entrant becomes an integrated part of your company’s everyday life. Granting visitors access to your company’s WIFI network and sending SMS with information to visitors and hosts has never been easier. Entrant can also be used for sending information to personnel and visitors in emergency situations.

Take a moment and familiarize yourself with Entrant. When in use you can easily answer the questions who, when and why people have visited.

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